Insurance Law

The lawyers at KND Law are Trial lawyers. All trial lawyers are litigators, but very few litigators are trial lawyers. Trial lawyers know how to select and persuade a jury; they know how to cross-examine a witness or an expert; they know how to present an opening statement and closing arguments. Trial lawyers have a deeper and more thorough understanding of the facts that matter because they know how the arguments play out. Trial lawyers narrow the focus and therefore the fees because they zero in on the critical components of a case. Trial lawyers do a better job at preparing a case for trial by not wasting a client’s time or money on fishing expeditions or frivolous motions.

KND Law handles matters involving regional insurance companies, including defending their policyholders against lawsuits, assisting in pre-suit investigation, and advocacy. Starting early in the pre-suit stage, attorneys document the scene, and contact any assigned law enforcement officers. Many claims handled by KND Law involve complex matters and catastrophic losses, which makes an early case assessment and a prompt investigation essential for the preservation of evidence.

The attorneys at KND Law have handled claims involving Homeowners policies, Automobile policies, Commercial General Policies, and Professional Liability Policies. In addition, the attorneys at KND Law have worked on matters involving government/municipality risk pools. 

KND Law also represents policyholders against large multi-billion-dollar insurance carriers in bad faith/poor claims handling.