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We are civil litigation and personal injury trial lawyers.

We are trial lawyers. We aren’t afraid to try your case and get you the outcome you deserve.

At KND Law we have experience in all types of civil litigation and personal injury.

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Our Mission

KND Law is a client centric civil litigation firm that focuses on advocacy and trial. We go to court, we try cases, and we win cases.  We combine our passion, skill, knowledge, and experience with innovative strategies to provide our clients with superior legal advocacy and service. We are not here to run up a bill for our clients. Our goal is simple: win.

Why Choose KND Law to Fight for You?

First, KND LAW is a trial firm first and foremost. Kent Neil Doll, Jr. puts an emphasis on being up to date with technology and new advocacy methods, in and out of the courtroom.

Every case and client is unique

Let us get to know you, walk you through the process and fight for you.