Commercial/Employment Law

At KND Law, our team of  commercial employment lawyers provides invaluable assistance to both employers and employees in navigating the intricate legal landscape governing employment relationships within the business context. For employers, we ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations by offering support in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, policies, and procedures. Our expertise extends to employee classification, wage and hour laws, workplace safety, and non-discrimination requirements. In the event of disputes or claims, our lawyers represent employers in negotiations, mediations, or litigation proceedings, safeguarding their interests and advocating for their legal rights.

Similarly, we offer essential support to employees by assessing the validity of employment agreements, negotiating favorable terms, and providing guidance on their rights, including protection against discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. We review severance packages, non-compete agreements, or confidentiality clauses to ensure fairness and legality. In case of disputes, our lawyers represent employees in negotiations or legal proceedings, seeking remedies such as back wages, reinstatement, or compensation for damages.

In essence, at KND Law, we act as trusted advisors, helping our clients understand their rights and obligations, providing strategic counsel, and advocating for their interests to foster fair and lawful employment practices within the business setting.