A. Although most civil cases settle prior to trial, there still are a few that need to be tried. Further, trial lawyers are better apt at determining which evidence and facts of your case are important for a judge or jury. Experience in the courtroom matters. Kent Doll has tried personal injury cases to a jury in the following counties: Spokane, Benton, Franklin, Adams, Yakima, Kootenai, and Whitman.

A. KND Law attorneys focus on personal injury and insurance matters. We are driven to retain results for our clients and are not focused on the billable hour. KND Law attorneys use technology and the most recent developments in advocacy to present our clients’ case to a judge or jury. We are honest and direct with our clients so that they know what to expect moving forward with their case. We located our office in Spokane Valley so that our clients can feel safe when they travel to our office.

A. KND Laws uses specific case management software that allows us to access client documents efficiently. KND Law has also invested in software that enables its lawyers to visually present evidence to the jury. All KND Law lawyers are very experienced in conducting zoom depositions and hearings. Finally, KND Law has assess to all Washington, Idaho, and Federal statutes and case opinions.

A. The attorneys at KND Law has handled a wide range of personal injury claims. Both Kent Doll and Katie Merrill have handled claims involving wrongful death, car accidents, premises liability/trip and fall, construction defect, product liability, trucking accidents,  fire loses, professional negligence, and government liability. Additionally, Kent Doll and Katie Merrill have handled cases involving a number of injuries, such as brain injuries, spinal injuries, orthopedic injuries, such as neck, knee, and shoulder injuries, financial injuries, and property destruction.

A. We charge an hourly rate for some legal matters, however we also take cases on a contingent fee or a flat fee. For example, personal injury cases are typically on a contingency fee basis. It really depends on your case, so give us a call for a free evaluation of your case.

A. KND Law provide free consults for most matters.

A. KND Law was formed by Kent Neil Doll, Jr. because he saw a need in Eastern Washington for a firm focused on trial advocacy, personal injury, and insurance matters.

A. No. We practice law in the entire state of Washington and Idaho. Both Kent and Katie are licensed to practice law in Washington and Idaho.

A. We are located at 16201 E. Indiana Ave., Suite 3270, Spokane Valley, WA 99216.